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Who is Philcomspec ?

Philcomspec Inc., is what you would consider as a refined or improved Comspec Trading Philippines, which was founded in the early 1980's. Initially starting the business with trading cables and connectors for the local industry to support most communication facilities for both private and government institutions.

Philcomspec Inc., was able to make a name for itself in that same industry when the need for data communications was widely spreading in the Philippines. It's founder went on studying all the different technologies to be able to give the utmost support and service for Philcomspec's tenders, and until this day, the Company still strives to do the same to fulfil the vision and mission of the company's original founder.

Today, Philcomspec , Inc. has once again gone up to a whole new level of integration. With most of the services the Company now provides, we make sure that we still uphold the level of quality in terms of products and services as how Philcomspec , Inc. is defined in this industry.